Enjoy the Pirate Experience!
This historic sailing ship in Ibiza is a steel ship from 1913. Originally a Dutch harbor tug, Marco Polo was rebuilt in the 60s to a beautiful 2-mast sailing ship. The storage room is now a spacious cabin with kitchen, a sleeping cabin and a comfortable bathroom. The black ship with its black and white pirate sailor’s head on the mainsail is always a real eye-catcher.

The ship measures 21 meters and is designed with its generous loungers for relaxing day trips between Ibiza and Formentera. The ultra-quiet diesel engine lets you glide relaxed through the bay in light wind. The Marco Polo has permission for 12 people, but for festivities the ship can accommodate 25 guests, but in this case the ship must anchor in the bay.

On request, we can offer an additional boat for a further 11 persons and then, as soon as the Marco Polo anchors, they can all get together on board and celebrate.