Sacred Womb Awakening
I am Marjolein, founder of Blissfinderz and living on Ibiza since 2012. I am a Sacred Womb Awakening Practitioner and help women to connect to their feminine center of power and wisdom. This is a very powerful and ancient energy practice and it’s for those who want to dive deep into their femininity.

Within our Womb we store emotions, memories and trauma. As most of us have a dormant Womb we are not always aware of this stored energy. This can result in lack of energy, repeating the same old story, missing a purpose in life, being too much in a head space, attracting the wrong people into your life, low-libido and fertility issues or even diseases in our reproduction system.

From my point of view, this connection to our Womb is vital for a woman. It is therefore my mission to spread this work to the greater audience, as still very little people know about this beautiful empowering work.

Have a look at my webpage for the upcoming events and courses! And send me a message if you would like to know more.