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Ibiza Food Tours

Guided tours tasting Ibiza Explore the sights, sounds and tastes of Ibiza town with our unique walking tour. Ibiza has a rich history with food, influenced by different cultures over of 1000s of years. What better way to experience this than to taste it? Spend time learning more, visiting the island’s unique restaurants, markets and shops, and [...]

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Hippy Market Punta Arabí

Feel the true essence of the oldest & largest Hippy Market of Ibiza! The beauty of Ibiza with its magical and secret corners and its spectacular weather, captivated the hippies in the sixties and so they decided to settle in the island, still unknown to mass tourism. The origins of Punta Arabi Hippy Market backdate to the year [...]

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  Explore the magical world of the mineral kingdom and energy. We hold weekly Yoga, Chi Kung and Naad yoga (singing) classes, fortnightly moon rituals and ceremonies and monthly collaborated events with the different healers, teachers, artists and poets of Ibiza. We also offer one-to-one ritual hand poked tattoo sessions, holistic therapies, various modalities of readings, healings [...]

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Meke Coffee Roasters

  FRESH SPECIALTY COFFEE ROASTED IN IBIZA We have a passion for fresh coffee of the highest quality, aiming to provide the best in the Balearic Islands. We begin with the farmer, working with farms around the world that focus on sustainability and ethical sourcing to select fresh and seasonal ‘specialty’ Arabica beans. These are roasted in small [...]

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The Workout Club Ibiza

Personal Training made simple! The Workout Club Ibiza provides Group Personal Training, 1 on 1 Personal Trainings, nutritional coaching, specialised workshops, Yoga and Pilates across Ibiza. So if you are either a resident of Ibiza or you are on a holiday, we are here to offer you tailor made training sessions on one of our locations or [...]

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Casita Verde

The Greenheart of Ibiza!Situated in a beautiful valley near the village of San José in Ibiza, Casita Verde is an ecology centre and flagship project of the official NGO called 'Associación Ibiza Ecologic'. Casita Verde is an experiential eco-education centre for the study and application of permaculture techniques. Come and visit us every Sunday of the year [...]

Ibiza Fenix

  Contributing to a world we all want to belong to! The Ibiza Fènix project is a ‘social leadership initiative’ designed to allow everyone in the community the opportunity to participate with the positive evolution of the place they live, as part of well organized and totally horizontal development plan. Creating many branches of activities, each with [...]

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The Nature Project

Taking care of our planet The Nature Project Ibiza is one of the main projects on the island by ProArtSo. Born out of love and respect for natural paradises and the need to protect them from the environmental impact generated by tourism every year. The Nature Project is devoted to protect and nurturing life on earth, raising [...]

Ibiza2Love Gathering – Casita Verde

IBIZA2LOVE is a community project which (re)presents the cultural, creative and conscious Ibiza online in one portal ♥ We are a co-creation between numerous networks, related initiatives and other lovely projects to unite and connect to become ONE. For the second time we organize a lovely gathering in collaboration with Casita Verde. We invite you to be part of our [...]

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Ibiza2Love Xperience Fair – Eindhoven

Ibiza Xperience Fair at Eindhoven March 12-13 2016 was a co-creation between numerous networks and communities on the island! Lots to discover what Ibiza2Love is all about ♥ ॐ We love. We connect. We create. Let's unite! In collaboration with the IBIZA Xperience Fair we had the honour to represent THE HEART OF IBIZA during this two-day-fair in Eindhoven, the [...]

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