Feel the true essence of the oldest & largest Hippy Market of Ibiza!
The beauty of Ibiza with its magical and secret corners and its spectacular weather, captivated the hippies in the sixties and so they decided to settle in the island, still unknown to mass tourism.

The origins of Punta Arabi Hippy Market backdate to the year 1973 when the management of the Hotel Club “Punta Arabi” offered the hippies to sell their handicrafts and products brought from different parts of the world for the few tourists staying in the club at that time.
In the beginning, the market had only five stalls: Maggie with her delicious pastries, a lady from Formentera selling hand-knit sweaters made by wool from their own sheep, a boy selling puppies, children who exchanged toys, another person selling jewelry brought from India. The pace of violins, guitars and “jam sessions” enlivened the whole setting. In those early days the hippies put their stalls on the ground under the trees showing their products on draperies.

Over the years this market has become an hotspot and a must for any visitor of Ibiza.
The market now already has over 500 stalls and on wednesdays in August they cylcles several thousand people per day, enjoying the wonderful atmosphere in the garden area of the Club Punta Arabi.