Explore the magical world of the mineral kingdom and energy.
We hold weekly Yoga, Chi Kung and Naad yoga (singing) classes, fortnightly moon rituals and ceremonies and monthly collaborated events with the different healers, teachers, artists and poets of Ibiza. We also offer one-to-one ritual hand poked tattoo sessions, holistic therapies, various modalities of readings, healings and space clearings all given by experienced and professional practitioners.
Specialising in energetic décor for sale, our centre has a beautiful array of exquisite crystals, decorative minerals, art, décor and magical tools which may facilitate one on their journey of creating their inner and outer worlds to be a place of beauty, magic and wisdom. Our intention is to facilitate in people opening a space within their own hearts to allow them to experience the sacred world of crystals and energy through design, art and nature.

Our carefully selected treasures are creations from different artists, designers and mineral collectors from Australia, Denmark, Hawaii, Mexico, Russia, Switzerland, UK, USA and of course, Ibiza.

We are here to add a bit more sparkle to what already is one of the most magical islands in the world, our beloved Ibiza. From the heart we nurture the home, harmonise spaces, love nature and respect energy.