Sports and Agriculture
We offer adventure sports all over Ibiza, creating a healthy and active alternative both for tourists and locals. We get into the wild and nature, sharing with you breath-taking landscapes that can be enjoyed all-year-round thanks to the mild weather of the island. At the same time, we have developed a project of organic farming and permaculture in our rural property. We grow delicious vegetables, aromatic herbs and medicinal plants while we take great delight in the beautiful surroundings. Workshops and activities are also offered in our space, growing together towards a sustainable, responsible and balanced life. Our labour is committed to the Earth/soil and its rhythms. By this we wish to do and live as we like, as well as sharing and passing the passion for sports, adventure, health and everything that comes from Nature to others.

Esencia Viva is more than a center of adventure sports or workshops, and it is not only an organic food and medicinal garden, it is a place where everybody is welcomed, a place to have fun, learn and teach, to live together and raise awareness, to understand that if we do not respect Mother Nature and reach an equilibrium with her, we won´t be able to keep on enjoying her in the future. Thanks to Laia and Raúl, Ibiza, an island better known for its beauty and parties, displays a different face that we should value and take care of.