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Who is Ibiza2Love?2018-04-17T20:35:46+02:00

IBIZA2LOVE is a community portal for the many creative, ecological and well-being initiatives on Ibiza. We are created in support of our beloved island and a better world. We will connect heartfelt projects into a co-creating collective. Our alternative IBIZA AGENDA generates easy access to related events and alternative happenings to inspire YOU discovering the Heart of Ibiza and beyond! Read more…

Collective Partners / Ibiza2love-Card/ Agenda Support2018-03-31T20:13:28+02:00

If you are already part of our Ibiza2Love-Collective and/or Agenda and you have questions or feedback? Please get in touch with us in person and we will assist you with any matter to make sure that we maintain a happy and fruitful collaboration.

Advertise with Ibiza2Love2018-03-10T14:53:42+01:00

We have a few spots available for online advertisement in our Agenda. If you wish to receive more information about the possibilities to advertise your business or project we can send you more information. But please keep in mind that your business has to be related to Ibiza2Love, our mission and/or vision. See what we’re about.

How can I participate in the Ibiza2love-Card?2018-03-31T20:10:38+02:00

Do you have a project, business, venue or studio on Ibiza? Do you organize regular interesting events related to Ibiza2Love? Are you interested in a fruitful collaboration in support of the island? Please send us a email on info@ibiza2love.com or contact us via the contactpage.

What is the Ibiza2Love-Card?2018-03-31T20:12:17+02:00

The Ibiza2Love-Card is a beautiful way to explore and discover the heart of the island. We proudly present and support the amazing work of The Nature Project! Together we intent to create a sustainable flow in support of the island and its many interesting places and events to visit throughout the year! Check out these links to get more info about the Ibiza2love-Card and our collaboration with The Nature Project.

How can I be part of the Ibiza2Love-Collective?2018-03-10T14:48:41+01:00

If you believe that your project or business is a perfect partner to join our Collective, please don’t be shy and send us more information about your project, vision and/or mission on info@ibiza2love.com or use our contactform.

What is the Ibiza2Love-Collective?2018-03-10T14:47:23+01:00

The Ibiza2Love-Collective is a group of –mainly- nonprofit international partner projects whose main objective is to contribute to a better world. We wish to help raise global awareness by sharing their information, love and knowledge. Be inspired by the power of community, nature, self-sustainability and the gifts of artistic & musical expression so together we can make change possible.

How can I add my events in the Agenda?2018-03-10T14:55:47+01:00

If you are interested in adding your events to our Agenda, please send us an email (info@ibiza2love.com) or drop your contact details and question in the contactform so we can get in touch with you

Where can I find events?2018-03-10T14:44:43+01:00

You can find our selection of alternative events in the Ibiza2Love-Agenda. Go to our agenda to discover the heart of our beautiful island.

Who is behind the Ibiza2Love project?2018-03-10T14:43:29+01:00

To find out who is behind this project check out the About page and see how this beautiful project has been born and the team behind it. Read more…

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