Taking care of our planet
The Nature Project Ibiza is one of the main projects on the island by ProArtSo. Born out of love and respect for natural paradises and the need to protect them from the environmental impact generated by tourism every year. The Nature Project is devoted to protect and nurturing life on earth, raising awareness of the problems facing the natural world and taking positive action to ensure the future of our planet.

Current issues

Ibiza is experiencing a huge influx of boat charters. Many of these companies are not educated, or are careless to the dangers of their anchoring methods to the seabed whilst on underwater grasslands that grow only 1cm per year, some of them up to 100,000 years old, and are devastating this vital habitat for Ibiza marine life, in minutes. We will raise awareness campaigns to educate boat owners of more conscious methods of anchoring.


The problems of plastic waste is known to all. Marine life are not programmed to know the difference between a piece of plastic and a piece of food. Birds, fish, turtles, dolphins and whales are all species who used to thrive here; their numbers now diminishing rapidly, with the plight of plastic waste. Our proposed beach clean up activities will work towards removing the hazardous plastic.

Abandoned Fishing Nets

Fishermen sometimes lose their nets in the seas. Innocent as it may be, the consequences are fatal, and one of the leading causes of death for marine life. With professional technicians, we will remove the abandoned nets, and save marine life.

Sea Animal Rescue

We will aid in the purchase of necessary materials and tanks needed for rescued turtles, dolphins and other sick or injured marine animals. We will also assist in projects to help the reproduction of sea-horses which are in extreme danger of extinction.



ProArtSo is a non-profit organization that carries out responsibility activities
social and environmental issues in Spain and Latin America since 2010.

• Environmental awareness and action
• Social inclusion
• The preservation and diffusion of minority cultures