Contributing to a world we all want to belong to!

The Ibiza Fènix project is a ‘social leadership initiative’ designed to allow everyone in the community the opportunity to participate with the positive evolution of the place they live, as part of well organized and totally horizontal development plan. Creating many branches of activities, each with its own NGO (Non Government Organization) and board of directors, we can encourage the island residents to move towards a commonly agreed direction, by inviting potential ‘Game Changers’ to participate in its formation.

Ibiza Fenix NGO’s

Waste management, Responsible Tourism, Ecological Agriculture, Eco Construction, Local products, Renewable Energy and Natural Resource Management, Alternative Transport, Natural Sports, Holistic Education, Art & Culture, Holistic Health, Transparent Communication and Events management, plus Ethical Finance.

The Fènix project, when successful on the island of Ibiza, can then be exported to other destinations which have suffered as a result of using a non sustainable life support model. We can only succeed with this metamorphosis by tuning into our collective energy and transforming everything which causes the degradation of natural resources, the loss of biodiversity and the unnecessary destruction of the natural environment into a positive and regenerative movement. It really is Time to Change, so this is a real call for action!