Greenheart Ibiza’s legal entity is a NGO called Ibiza Ecologic. This was registered as an Association on the island in 1996. Since that time, the Association has been developing different projects related to environmental education on Ibiza, with a direct impact on tourism and local residents.

Greenheart Ibiza via Ibiza Ecologic develops most of its activities at its emblematic HQ ‘Casita Verde‘, an experiential centre for eco-education, and is a showcase of best practices for the use of alternative energy and sustainable living. The centre is open every Sunday for visitors, it also offers a variety of workshops and courses throughout the year.

Ibiza Ecologic also locally represents the Greenheart movement, supported by the Foundation for the Future in Madrid, with activities in several countries. It is an initiative aimed at promoting environmental awareness around the world by improving environmental education. It encompasses a series of professionals, environmental activities and various NGO’s, which are participating in showing the alternative techniques of sustainable living.