The Greenheart of Ibiza!
Situated in a beautiful valley near the village of San José in Ibiza, Casita Verde is an ecology centre and flagship project of the official NGO called ‘Associación Ibiza Ecologic’. Casita Verde is an experiential eco-education centre for the study and application of permaculture techniques. Come and visit us every Sunday of the year from 2pm.

Come and explore a showcase of best practices for self-sustainable living and alternative energies on our – every week – open Sundays. We give a free tour on those open Sundays at 4 o’clock, after you’ve enjoyed a lovely, fresh and of course home made lunch (from 2 o’clock) to promote local and vegetarian food.

In this beautiful valley you find a unique experience and can enjoy the gardens, aloe vera fields, shower from rain water, eco toilets (no water well! and of course eco toilet paper). You can see the many unique (and famous!) examples of eco-building, including the bottle house (office build from glass bottles), didactic kitchen (fabulous pizzas!), the gaia centre, the magic cave and the incredible lime-kiln house, eco toilets, and much more…

We look forward to your visit!