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The Ibiza2Love Collective is a group of (international) Projects and/or Foundations whose mission it is to contribute to a more sustainable island and a greener way of life. Ibiza2Love support these heartfelt initiatives by connecting them online in one place. We share with you their news, love and knowledge regarding the amazing work that they are doing for our island ánd the planet!

Be part of Change! And support our Collective!

Casita Verde

The Greenheart of Ibiza!Situated in a beautiful valley near the village of San José in Ibiza, Casita Verde is an ecology centre and flagship project of the official NGO called 'Associación Ibiza Ecologic'. Casita Verde is an experiential eco-education centre for the study and application of permaculture techniques. Come and visit us every Sunday of the year from 2pm.Come and explore a [...]

Fashion Revolution Ibiza

BE CURIOUS. FIND OUT. DO SOMETHING. Vision We believe in a fashion industry that values people, the environment, creativity and profit in equal measure. Mission We want to unite people and organisations to work together towards radically changing the way our clothes are sourced, produced and consumed, so that our clothing is made in a safe, clean and fair way. We [...]

Ibiza Preservation Foundation

  The Ibiza Preservation Foundation (IPF) works to preserve and protect Ibiza and Formentera’s land and sea. The IPF selects and funds the best environmental and sustainable initiatives, and collaborate with partners to deliver projects. By doing this, future generations can also love and prosper from the islands’ pristine sea, fertile land and exceptional natural beauty. The IPF was born in 2008 [...]

Ibiza Fenix

  Contributing to a world we all want to belong to! The Ibiza Fènix project is a ‘social leadership initiative’ designed to allow everyone in the community the opportunity to participate with the positive evolution of the place they live, as part of well organized and totally horizontal development plan. Creating many branches of activities, each with its own NGO (Non Government [...]

Greenheart Ibiza

Greenheart Ibiza’s legal entity is a NGO called Ibiza Ecologic. This was registered as an Association on the island in 1996. Since that time, the Association has been developing different projects related to environmental education on Ibiza, with a direct impact on tourism and local residents. Greenheart Ibiza via Ibiza Ecologic develops most of its activities at its emblematic HQ ‘Casita Verde‘, an [...]

The Nature Project

Taking care of our planet The Nature Project Ibiza is one of the main projects on the island by ProArtSo. Born out of love and respect for natural paradises and the need to protect them from the environmental impact generated by tourism every year. The Nature Project is devoted to protect and nurturing life on earth, raising awareness of the problems facing [...]

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